Welcome to my website!

A little feed back about me :d

My ingame name is S@int and i play online for around 12 years now.
I started with Enemy Territory online with friends and we started to play on Flame-Guards servers then i got invited in the community.
I had some ET servers in the community and the TS server.

Then we started with BFBC2,BF3,BF4 servers with FG so ran some of those... with procon.
After a few years the Community was starting to die slowly..... sad but true.

Then i changed my games to COD so did a lot of gaming with DW that became Ra but the clan was too small to keep alive so that died also.

i was in KK but they changed from COD to H1Z1 and that game i really don't like

Now i'm in The 47th Clan and playing Black Ops 3..........

I play a lot of games but Call of Duty series i play a lot.
I love to build games servers or websites like joomla,E107,wordpress

Thats my cyber live in short.........


Greetz Saint

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